Baltimore Health Clubs & Gyms

Choosing a health club can be a stressful undertaking when you think about being trapped in a cubicle with a pushy sales person trying to sell you a lifetime membership.  Thankfully, times have changed and many operators no longer use these tactics and, instead, opt for a more subtle approach.  The industry is starting to mature so there are more options from which to choose but one of the most important variables that will impact how often you go to the gym is convenience.  It’s hard enough to overcome your own invented excuses, much less those added by making your trip to the gym complicated and time-consuming.  Pick a facility that is close or easily accessible and your investment will pay much higher dividends. 

Locate a health club in your neighborhood by using the neighborhood search below:  

Federal Hill  

Mount Vernon  

Bolton Hill  

Locust Point  

Harbor East  


Downtown  – East Side  

Central Business District  

Make your trip to the gym a car free and parking free experience by selecting a club on the FREE Charm City Circulator bus route.  

arm City Circulator Purple Route

Save your parking spot and take the FREE Charm City Circulator

Below is a list of health clubs which are located on the FREE Charm City Circulator Purple Route which runs between Federal Hill and Penn Station.  Federal Hill Fitness and MV Fitness have a single membership pass to access both facilities making them the only multi location facility on the circulator.  

Federal Hill FitnessMV FitnessLynn Bricks  

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3 Responses to Baltimore Health Clubs & Gyms

  1. Violette Zermeno says:

    i always join health clubs because you can share some health information between members. `

    The latest short article coming from our very own blog site

  2. Hi Admin,
    Great links to locate a health club and like to add fitness clubs are the best places to increase health, build muscles and tone body and gym staff will provide you tips regarding your regular workout and nutritive diet plans.

  3. Miia Nikkola says:

    I agree that was an annoying thing in a gym.In Finland many of gym are encouraging some people to do exercises because mot of the time there are many of saying that they don’t have a time for it.However most of the personal trainer and other member in gym motivates all of those person to be fit and to be active on exercising.For me it is not about the gym,it is about our health.Well this is awesome one.

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